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Destiny Defined 2

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Fic: Chance Meetings (18/18)

Title: Chance Meeting
Part: 18/18 (Past parts here.)
Author: [info]lyndasty
Fandom: WWE
Pairing: Paul Levesque (Triple H) / Joanie Laurer (Chyna)
Rating: PG-13/R for language only (rating will change later on)
Warnings: None really. WORK IN PROGRESS.
Summary: Alternate universe. Paul owns a gym where it's 90% men working out. A female customer comes in one day and changes things.
A/N: This is for my wonderful and just all around fantabulous friend, [info]goddessrockgeek . She's done such an incredible job that I decided to write her a thank you pressie. Plus, I owe her like 1000 fics. So she asked for a Hunter/Chyna story AU with a happy ending. There will be MANY more chapters. I'm just not sure how many.. As this is an AU, I've changed some of the characteristics of the main characters. For example, Joanie (and yes she goes by that in the story) is more feminized and not as "bulked up" as she was in the WWE. This is purely a work of fiction so don't sue me. All the characters are the property of themselves (and maybe WWE if they sold their souls to Vince). Feedback is always appreciated!

Paul sat, waiting, in a parking lot not far from Chris's house. He kept obsessively watching his cell phone for Shawn's message that Chris was out of the house. Glenn was scoping out the house, getting pictures of Chris and Jeff through the picture window in the front of the house. The pictures would be proof enough to get Chris for harboring a fugitive. The rest was up to Paul and Mark.

Paul's phone lit up. Shawn's message.

He's out. Sister's working an overnight shift. He's alone. Shane says hello.

Paul quickly typed back for Shawn not to take too long or he'd miss it. He closed his phone and got out of the car. He motioned for Mark to follow him and they cut through the empty lot to the now darkened house. The house looked deserted but Paul knew it wasn't. He hung back and let Mark go in first. Mark knew what he was doing as he kicked the door in; Paul was just here to beat some sense into the punk.

Paul jumped through the remains of the door to see Jeff pinned to the wall by only one of Mark's arms.

"What the fuck?!" Jeff's voice was strangled but didn't sound at all worried. Mark slapped the back of his head hard.

"Mind your tone with me, boy, or this one'll never get to teach you the lesson you got comin'." Mark growled and Paul had to smile. Mark was a man of few words unless you insulted any of his mighty principles. He motioned for Paul to have his say as he pulled Jeff away from the wall and flipped him around.

"So Jeffy...think you're a big man huh?" Paul nailed Jeff in the stomach with a hard right punch, doubling the blond-haired man over with a grunt. "Sorry...I didn't catch that..." He threw another punch to the same spot but with the other hand, wanting to keep the asshole off balance.

"Fuck you! You're trespassing...I'll call..." Paul cut off the rest of the man's statement to a knee to his stomach, bringing the man to his knees.

"The police? Yeah, call the cops...I wanna see their reaction when they find out you're breaking your parole." He caught him with a left hook to the jaw, sending Jeff sprawling backwards, blood spewing from his mouth. "Get up you worthless piece of shit." Paul didn't raise his voice, unwilling to let his voice betray his rage. That was what his hands were for. Paul grabbed Jeff by his short blond hair and hauled him to his feet and slapped him hard across the face. "Stay with us, sunshine, we're just getting started."


Glenn walked in, Shawn right behind him, to see Mark throwing water on Jeff's face either to wash the blood away or wake the guy up. Either way, Shawn almost felt bad for the bastard.


"Oh goodie...you're taking your time." Glenn chuckled sadistically. Paul rubbed his left hand and Shawn noted how swollen his knuckles were.

"Whassa matter...can't finish what you start?" Jeff sneered between taking breaths to spit the blood out of his mouth.

Paul started for him again but Glenn pushed him back. "Nuh-huh...I want at least one hit before..." Glenn grabbed Jeff by the collar and pulled him up straight before his fist hit his face with an audible crack.

"That's gotta hurt..." Shawn winced. Now he remembered why he refused to get into the boxing ring with Glenn. Mark followed it up with a kick to Jeff's leg and the telltale crack of the man's knee breaking.

"Not as much as that." Mark was smug as he leaned back against the refrigerator. Glenn admired his handiwork as Jeff crumpled into a whimpering mass on the floor. Paul knelt down next to him.

"Now, I could do the humane thing and call an ambulance...or I could do this." Paul headbutted the other man, another crack in the form of his nose shattering ringing out in the room. "I'm not gonna an ambulance...instead, I'm gonna let my friend here do his thing and you might wind up in an emergency room...eventually. Or you'll just end up down in the Everglades. Either way, you're scared shitless right now and that's the point of this visit." Paul's voice was ice cold and more menacing than either of his three associates had ever heard it. He leaned in close to Jeff's ear so that the beat up man was the only one who could hear him whisper, "You come near her again and I'll kill you. That's a promise."

Paul motioned for Shawn to follow him, leaving Glenn and Mark to clean up the mess however they deemed fit. The last thing Paul heard as they left was Glenn arguing that they needed to turn the bastard in while Mark was advocating a different form of punishment. 'Serves the son of a bitch right,' Paul thought darkly. He and Shawn walked silently back to the parking lot where Shawn had parked his car beside his friend.

"I'm taking some time off. Get things sorted out." Paul was quiet but, instead of worrying him, this kind of quiet just confirmed what Shawn had suspected from the beginning. For all his bravado, Paul wasn't a violent person. He only resorted to violence when that's the only thing the other person could understand.

"I'll make sure the gym's covered. And Chris is safely in custody and being booked on harboring a fugitive. Swears up and down he didn't know...I had to slap the shit outta him before he'd shut up." Shawn fished his keys out of his pockets but stopped to watch his friend carefully. He could see how much what he'd done was weighing on him. He searched for something to say but he knew, ultimately, that there was nothing he could say. "Go pick her up and go home. I'll see ya..." He turned to get in his car but Paul's voice in the quiet night stopped him.

"Shawn..." Paul looked at him blankly. "Thank you." The friends nodded at each other and got in their respective cars. Shawn headed towards his apartment and Paul headed back to Joanie. The random lights blurred by him as Paul tried his damnedest to forget how good it had felt to hit that guy. He really deplored violence but sometimes, violence was the only answer.

Paul blinked as he realized he'd managed to drive back to the gym without paying attention. He sat in his car outside, watching as Joanie wandered around inside, Randy practically on her heels. Paul got out of his car and walked towards the door but paused underneath a light. Joanie was barreling out of the door towards him.

"Joanie, come back in here!" Randy yelled as he followed her outside. He stopped when he saw Paul, who motioned for him to go back inside.

Joanie ran right up to him but stopped just short of jumping into his arms. She looked him over, searching for any sign that he'd been hurt but there weren't any on his face. She put her hands on his shoulders, feeling for any fractures or sore spots but, again, there were none to find. Joanie reached for his hands but stopped when he winced. She looked down to see the knuckles of both hands swollen and red but not bleeding.

"It's over." Paul whispered but Joanie didn't know if he was talking to her or just talking into the darkness. She couldn't stop the tears as she put the pieces together and carefully slid her arms around his waist. "You're safe now." His arms slid around her shoulders and he kissed the side of her head softly. For the first time in a long time, both Paul and Joanie felt safe.


I like how you managed to wrap it up in a nice little ball. And still have time to bring randy and john.
I was actually really, REALLY worried that the ending was rushed...
Eh kind of but really it's better rush than to drag on.

Besides I really hope that this leads to another fic when you're done pulling out your hair.
Damn!! I could re-write it to make it a little less rushed?

What kind of fic would you like this story to lead to? I'm taking requests...

when you're done pulling out your hair.

Oh hell I doubt I'll stop pulling my hair out when it comes to my writing any time soon...par for the course with me...
Really nice ending :)

Glad you liked it! :)

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